Monday, May 3, 2010

WHAT did Dannielle do?/Preview

Have they shut-down the NJ HOUSEWIVES TWOP boards yet?
"Look what happened to her..." -(Danielle talking about Dina. Apparently this is a reference to whatever dirty-trick that Danielle pulled on Dina that was never settled last season.)
The most plausible rumor that I've seen concerning that unspoken matter, is a story about DINA having her  ex-husband's signature forged on some BRAVO legal forms for her daughter's appearances on the show. The story claims that DANIELLE got involved and  pushed DINA'S ex's family to contact BRAVO.
The scene with BABY NICHOLAS was bee-yoo-ti-full. A nice choice to open the season.
"Troubled people cause trouble" -(Dina)
"Give her a second chance." -(Dina) OK, this doesn't look good.
 "I didn't murder or try to hurt anybody." -DANIELLE (no DANIELLE, but you were arrested for KIDNAPPING! some people just might have a problem with that.
I love how DANIELLE blames "these people" for bringing-up something that SHE did!
"For what they have done to me, they're gonna need all the prayers they can get."-(Danielle)
Dannielle honey, you don't need a Priest for that kind-of religion, you need VooDoo.
"Move on with your life." -(the FATHER RICHARD)
They all agree that last season was dramatic and upsetting. They swear that it won't happen again.
ALBERT HAS LOST close to 70 pounds! -(Caroline)
His new suit from BARNEY'S cost "8 or 9 thousand". I guess he can write it off as a business expense?
It looks like they're traveling to Italy this season. He could have three of the finest suits made by hand there for that kind of money couldn't he?
"I don't know her very well, but I don't care to know her very well." "I don't want her in my life, I don't want her in your life.", "...enough is enough." -(Chris)
"I'm not gonna shut someone out of my life,... we'll see what happens." -(Jacqueline)
Before CHRIS made his statements, he mentioned that at one point her told DANIELLE that she was welcome in his home.
That was before he realized that she's bad news, and not only that she manipulates people and causes trouble whereever she goes-smart man.
Jacqueline just called ASHLEY, "the same mistake that I made getting married so young when you're not prepared for it.", in an embarrassing scene about birth control. 
OK, she didn't call ASHLEY a mistake directly, but when the topic is birth control and you tell someone to make sure & use birth control so she doesn't make "the same mistake...", and the person that you're telling this to happens to be the child that resulted from that "mistake", well I'll just say it, that's a shitty thing to say to your daughter to put it lightly.
The fact that JAQULLENE'S handsome doctor told her that her age could be the reason why she suffered four miscarriages and needed fertility treatment to have her latest baby didn't enter into this conversation.
Hopefully ASHLEY is smart enough to figure that one out on her own.
I can't decide whether I think that JAQULLENE is just stupid, or  not?
She continues associating with DANIELLE almost to prove a point. And that point was a good one at first. But after seeing with her own eyes how DANIELLE tried to manipulate her last season, why on earth would she continue the friendship when she's been asked nicely on her family's behalf to drop it?
We get treated to the required DOG POOP scene. DOG CRAP is becoming the NEW HOUSEWIFE on these franchises. Maybe BRAVO can get POOP nominated for an Emmy this year? They've featured it enough times for it to get its own ACTOR'S EQUITY card.
"Dina .....she was doing nails, I'm not here to judge." -(DANIELLE) UH-what exactly IS there to judge about a respectable job?
This election fund-raiser for the SHERRIF is funny because I think this was the SHERRIF who is currently being indicted for something.

DANIELLE'S new/old best friend KIM is at the party. DANIELLE didn't know anything about the party 'till she had her nails done and the people at the shop said that they have been busy due to the party. Ha Ha, that was clue # one that everything might not be so cozy as it looked in the scene at KIM'S store where KIM & DANIELLE held hands and swore that they had each other's back.
KIM put her Sicillian shiv right onto DANNIELLE'S back at the party saying that she only pretended to be friends with DANNIELLE for "business"-ouch! now THAT was nasty.
"I don't do the two-face thing, I wanted no part of it."-DINA
The preview scenes for the series show us sirens, tears, just the thing they promised us they will avoid. How did BRAVO get them from point A to point B, I guess we'll have to "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS" to find out?