Monday, May 17, 2010


DANIELLE'S daughter receives roses from JACKIE. For some reason, DANIELLE asks her younger daughter to stay with her while she calls JACKIE to say thank-you. JACKIE'S machine picks-up.
DANIELLE then asks her daughter to leave the room, and calls JACKIE back and leaves another message.
"Nutin' is gonna take me down, nut-in'" (DANIELLE)

"The worst thing that could happen during the fashion show is if THERESA'S water breaks."-(CAROLINE)
DINA & THERESA are having some herbal tea. They talk about DANIELLE.  "I guess she can't change the ho-bag that she is."-(THERESA)
"Hopefully we can just put everything in the past."-(DINA) "I'm so done with her, done done done"-(THERESA)

CAROLINE and JACKIE are getting to know each other better. They talk about DANIELLE. JACKIE tells CAROLINE how DANIELLE is making her uncomfortable. "Did DANIELLE ever acknowledge NICHOLAS'S birth?" -(CAROLINE) "I never got a phone call, ...a balloon, nothing." -(JACKIE), "MY marriage comes first before my friendship with DANIELLE." CAROLINE tells her to let it fade-out naturally.

DANIELLE is telling her daughter how she's gonna love walking in 8 inch heels. She tells the younger one that she's next. She says that she's already talked to the modeling agency about her too.

THERESA'S girls are destroying a a store. That's ok, the tab comes to almost two-grand.

DINA has someone over to to talk Zen, and DANIELLE. "I want to stay away from her completely."-(DINA) DINA'S Zen friend JEN tells her to meet DANIELLE face-to-face and tell her that they cannot be friends.

KARIN, the Realtor© is visiting DANIELLE. She tells DANIELLE that she wasted no time in talking to DANIELLE'S ex. The ex does not want to spend any money on fixing-up the house to sell it. DANIELLE decides to take it off the market.

THERESA has the CAROLINE & ALBIE over to celebrate GIA'S fashion-show debut. It's 8:20pm, and they are getting ready to have Dinner. THERESA tells us that she and JOE have sex every day.

Finally, we're on our way to the fashion show. DINA is not coming because she doesn't want to run-into DANIELLE. "GIA'S all excited, she gets to walk down the ugly stage."-(JOE) Uh-OH, that mean remark causes GIA to cry. THERESA tells GIA that she's going to take-back everything that she bought her at the store. BRAVO captions JOE saying, "Get out Gia." when they get to the show.

DANIELLE and her girls go to practice walking. Apparently this is tricky. DANIELLE starts to help. CHRISTINE wants to leave. "Am I done?"-(CHRISTINE).
DANIELLE tells her to keep going 'till they tell her to stop. The guy who is helping CHRISTINE tells her a little "secret" about modeling, "Anybody can get booked. The secret is getting re-booked." DANIELLE tells us that CHRISTINE doesn't understand that IMG is just the most important agency eva, but DANIELLE does.

Almost 45 minutes, and except for GIA crying, there's been no drama yet! I guess they're saving that for the last ten minutes? Or, are they going to make us wait another week?

We're backstage now. GIA'S tired and yawning. THERESA says she's not worried about GIA because she's gonna put her couture-look on.

CHRISTINE says that she's starting to understand how important modeling is.

GIA'S family is in the front-row for her big walk. She nails it. "You look gorgeous."-(JOE)

DANIELLE tells CHRISTINE, "Don't think about the shoes." DANIELLE says, "THIS is the making of a super-model." (DANIELLE has a habit of emphasizing at least one word in every sentence). DANIELLE says that this is just the beginning. That they're going to travel all-over the world modeling. "I think if I had been given the same opportunities that my daughters are going to be given, I think my life would have been a lot different." -(DANIELLE)
After the show, there is a new thing where the models stand on the runway for 20 minutes. They just stand there and pose. CHRISTINE becomes ill while standing there. She breaks-rank and has to sit-down. DANIELLE tells her that she did a great job and has nothing to be embarrassed about.

So, that was it. a pretty boring episode. Next week's previews show THERESA having a baby, and something about a gun, and DANIELLE is coming to the BROWNSTONE!