Tuesday, May 25, 2010

THERESA has a baby

So I'm watching the late show since I wanted to see the last episode of LAW & ORDER.
I did peek a few times, and I have to say that I don't think anyone has ever given birth with so much make-up on before.
THERESA is on her way to the hospital. JUICY JOE looks like a little-person compared to the size of his bedroom furniture, and SUV, I wonder what his height is?
THERESA says, "Gross". when she puts on her hospital gown.
Back at THE BROWNSTONE, THE MANZOS hook-up CHRIS with some guy who owns a car-wash.
RICK, the car-wash owner says that CHRIS can have the car-wash on a Wednsday, since that's his slow day.
"As long as you don't do nothin' illegal."-(Mr. MANZO)
DANIELLE takes her girls out for lunch. CHRISTINE has a bad case of acne on her forehead.
DANIELLE wants to talk about CHRISTINE'S modeling career.
"The industry wasn't ready for me."-CHRISTINE, "And you're not ready for it."-(The other daughter).
The other daughter gets stares from DANIELLE & CHRISTINE. Looks like someone messed-up the lines they had rehearsed!
THERESA has her baby. They try to make cute talk about buying THERESA diamonds.
I'm really giving JUICY JOE the fish-eye now, I'm convinced that he's a Little Person!
Why has BRAVO tried to HIDE this from us with camera-angles?
Now it's starting to REALLY make sense when DANIELLE said that she wasn't sure if GIA "has what it takes" to be a model. She probably won't be very tall.
ASHLEY came to apologize to JACKIE. JACKIE wants ASHLEY to see a life-coach.
"I already have a plan, I already know what I wanna do." she wants to go to community college and then transfer to a university. JACKIE asks what she wants to study and ASHLEY says she's not sure about that, it could be fashion, or zoology.
CHRIS goes to SCORES slut/pig-bar to look at sluts for his car-wash gentleman's club.(sorry girls but I refuse to grant this dangerous profession any respect. Its bad for women.)
ED the owner invites CHRIS to hang-around and be an assistant manager for the night.
His friends come "To show support."
THERESA poops the baby out. IT'S A GIRL-cute baby. A-U-D-R-I-A-N-A -(THERESA spells it). Unless they re-dubbed the sound here, I'd have to say that that whiny voice of THERESA'S is no act. You can't fake it like that in labor.
JACKIE wants to liquor-up her husband to talk about the life-coach.
"What's in that safe?"-(JACKIE) "You don't wanna know". (CHRIS)
He has guns & ammo in the safe. JACKIE dresses-up like RAMBO and says, "I feel sexy."
DANIELLE is at a diner and she is asked to help with a benefit for a baby that has cancer.
The baby's dad says that it could cost ten to 20 grand a week for treatment. They say that the benefit is taking-place at THE BROWNSTONE.
"I'm hoping that everyone will set everything aside and honor your baby." -(DANIELLE)
DINA has a meeting with CAROLINE & JACKIE. She tells them about how ZEN-JEN told her to meet DANIELLE in person.
"JEN says, what does DINA say?"-(CAROLINE)
 "I think the only thing that DANIELLE has changed, has been her name, four times, BEVERLY, MERRILL, DANNIEL, STAUB...".-(JACKIE)
"It's not gonna work."-(CAROLINE)
JACKIE & BABY NICHOLAS visit THERESA and her baby in the hospital. Both babies are sleeping-very cute.
BRAVO has a quiz-what is DINA'S cat's name? GRANDMA WRINKLES of course!
What did I win?
CHRIS is at the car wash. Girls in bikinis & shorts show-up.  ALBIE tells us that the girls are NOT strippers, they are friends of CHRIS.
RICK the owner shows-up. Business is booming. "You make it fun and that's great."-(RICK)
Now we get to meet DANNY, DANIELLE'S friend. DANNY PROVENZANO went to  prison for 4 years. His friend JOHNNY is also an ex-felon.  "DANNY is definitely gonna escort me to the BROWNSTONE.", "DANNY can speak without words."-(DANIELLE)
"How does it feel to hold your God-Daughter?"-(THERESA to DINA)
DINA crys. The baby is beautiful, and perfect like DINA said, but the hat is a little much, that can't be comfortable for a baby-can it? The flower is as big as the baby's head.
Someone that I know has the lepord-print jammies that THERESA is wearing at the hospital. They are JOE BOXER, and they had them at K-MART.
I wonder if THERESA packed K-MART PJ's in her BURBERRY or designer luggage?
"I could care less what she does."-(CAROLINE)