Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They're Baack

And I don't mean the HOUSEWIVES of NJ. I mean the rumors, lies, and what-not.
DANIELLE'S BRAVO blog, which was posted right after the preview aired, is getting a lot of FLACK!, and comments that what she did by going-after the other girl's children was NOT GOOD.
I posted a comment to DANIELLE that BRAVO chose not to publish btw, but I can tell you this, DANiELLE STAUB is NO JERSEY GIRL, and she proved it by posting about KARMA on her blog.
JERSEY GIRLS do not have "Karma", JERSEY GIRLS have "What comes around, goes around.".
About the only thing that CAN be proved about DANIELLE, is that she was raised in CONNECTICUT, (not NJ).
OH-and that scene with her "Sicilian Sista, KIM"? According to DANIELLE'S ex-husband and author of last season's infamous COP WITHOUT A BADGE, DANIELLE has NO IDEA what her ethnic background is.
This article on ZAP-2it goes into detail explaining the many LIES about DANIELLE'S background that she has printed in her new book, and her EX thinks he has found a way to force her to 'fess-up to all truths in a future court appearance.
Good luck with that KEVIN! Has anyone ever tried to force a pathological, compulsive liar to TELL THE TRUTH? If you have, you'll soon learn that you may as well pound sand or some other useless pursuit.