Wednesday, May 19, 2010


(May 9, 2011)-UPDATE! I was lurking Teresa's new book today, and I was shocked to see a *NEW* version of how Gia was named. On page 24 of Fabulicious, (which I found by signing-in to Amazon and searching-for "peppers" in look inside the book), Teresa says that her daughter Gia was named-after her father Giacinto! Of course I remembered that Teresa told an interviewer that Gia was named-after famous supermodel model Gia.
CLICK HERE on Amazon-LOOK inside the book pg. 24

(originally posted in 2010)
The other night while I was watching THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, it occurred to me to think-of GIA.
Not THERESA'S little GIA, no, I recalled GIA-the "supermodel". Known-by-her-first-name, Italian last name, (Carangi), died tragically from AIDS. That GIA.
So I did a little research to refresh my memory about GIA'S story, and see what connections, besides being Italian, that that GIA, has with THERESA'S GIA.
And here's where it get's interesting.
GIA'S, (the supermodel),  only connection with NEW JERSEY that I could find, is her connection with ATLANTIC CITY, where she may, or may not have dabbled-in "prostitution-whoring", shooting heroin, being raped, and otherwise doing whatever it was that she did that led to her untimely death.(at 26).
GIA, (supermodel GIA), was a SOUTH PHILLY Italian girl, of the variety that THERESA, actually reminds me more-of than your typical GARDEN STATE housewife. (and I mean that as a compliment to SOUTH PHILLY girls so don't get excited).
I happened to find a recent interview with THERESA, who is currently on a book tour.
Ava Gacser, a NEW JERSEY writer on her blog, (here), quotes THERESA, as saying that her GIA, was actually named-after (supermodel, only one name needed), "the" GIA. Or maybe the movie GIA?
(from the blog-post)
she named Gia after the Angelina Jolie film of the same name. (“Gia,” by the way, was based on the life of model Gia Carangi, who died of AIDS in 1986.)
“I know it wasn’t a great movie because of the way it ended,” Teresa admitted, but added that she loved the name nonetheless.

(Copied from Mission statement page at The Gia Carangi Foundation .org)
The Gia Carangi Foundation will help children who have been stripped of their innocence by life-threatening crises which often lead to drug abuse. By educating these children about the dangers of drugs, we hope to empower them so that they, unlike Gia, will survive to see bright futures.

We dedicate the healing we accomplish to Gia, in the hope that her tormented soul will rest in peace knowing that her death will save the life of someone else and that her intended message will be heard around the world.

With that, I think I will dedicate this post to THERESA'S & JOE'S GIA, and all of our REALITY-show child "actors", in the hopes that they are never "stripped of their innocence".
GACER'S blog, (linked above), has photos of THERESA & GIA'S recent appearance (May 7th, 2010), (yes THERESA is still rocking the bangs), and it is definitely worth clicking-in for updates on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW JERSEY, and GACER'S other observations from her NJ perspective.