Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teresa's at it again

Teresa's been buying again. Buying more trademarks! Her previous trademark shopping-spree involved Fabulicious™, which is also the title of her book. (I blogged about that Here (link).
More recently, it looks like she has decided to own, (literally, and yes this is a pun), her plagiarizing of Betheny's "Skinny"-success, with the purchase of "Fabellini™", along-with Skinny Italian™, which is described as a prepared "cooking sauce". (link to registered Trademark info. below image).
She also made an earlier purchase, (twice, in two different product categories), of  Villa Di Vino™, which is either a "sparkling wine & beverage", or "Cafe and restaurant services" (?.???). Google translation tells me that Villa Di Vino means "House wine".
In Teresa's latest book, Fabulicious!, there is a reoccurring feature labeled  "***Juicy Bits from Joe***", where he tells us;

"Me and Tre are actually opening a new restaurant in Parsippany, New Jersey called Villa di Vino. It's going to feature all of her great recipes and my wine. ..." -(Joe Giudice in Fabulicious!)
As a side-note here, I've learned that use of the word, "actually", is regarded as a way to tell when someone is lying. Hmmmm. As far as "***Juicy Bits from Joe***", is concerned, if "Juicy bits", means illiterate, I guess it is accurate? Here's another taste of Joe's "***Juicy bits...***"

You can find more "Juicyness", and other goodies from Fabulicious! by going to AMAZON-link to Fabulicious! here and searching "juicy bits" while logged-in to search inside the book. The first chapter is also available to download and read for FREE! on Kindle, or free/Kindle for PC.