Monday, June 13, 2011

Personal Update

I'm posting this from a laptop that is ready to quit. For anyone who doesn't know, there was a fire in my home and we have been relocated. (yes we are all ok!)
Thank-you everyone for your sincere wishes on Twitter and over at Stoopid Housewives comment area.
In all of my years, this is a first, and its a real doozy of a process. First the shock of the fire, then living-in the sooty mess, throwing a lot away, (and worse-my garbage/trash, in bags, was taken/stolen!!!!!!) relocation...
I can tell from some of the wishes that you have sent, that some of you have been through this before. -Again, thank-you for understanding and letting me know that you know what a crappy situation it is,
Blogging will be sporadic 'till I'm home.