Friday, July 8, 2011

Thanks VH-1! Episode 1 "Famous Food" online NOW! YES there is table-throwing

So Danielle Staub's new reality-show on VH-1 causes a schedule conflict for you? (scroll-down and hit play, I've embedded it here)  
The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back on Bravo this Sunday night with a new episode of their own at 10pm. Thanks-to VH1, we can watch the premiere of Famous Food online now, and not miss a thing.
Danielle is still hideous. And she's kept the name "Staub". Like Teresa on RHWONJ, she changed the pronunciation. From, "Staub" rhymes-with "loud", to "Staub", rhymes-with "snob". Aside from that I'd say that she hasn't changed a thing. You can follow the show on Twitter(HerE). where there is also a link to the VH1 page for the show with lots of extras.
Heidi Montag introduces herself with, " You know me as a pop-culture phenomenon."
Danielle quickly takes Heidi aside to form an alliance, because Danielle claims that she and Heidi both have the most influence in Hollywood. (huh?) The conflict is between Vincent, "Big Pussy from The Sopranos", Pastore, and Danielle. Wow-Vincent was in the restaurant biz for 20+ years. Heidi's family was also in-the-biz, and Heidi says that she "grew-up" in it. Danielle says that she's a Foodie, because she's Italian. There are seven contestants who also include a rap-group, The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka, and a prostitution whore.
The show covers a five-week period last Spring where contestants are in a competition to win a restaurant in -partnership with The Dolce Group. It is presented-as, "A competition with one winner" but they must "all work together" to make it happen. I finally recognized Mike Malkin of The Dolce Group from one of the first US seasons of Big Brother.
Remember Mike who went-into the restaurant-owning biz after being-on Big Brother? Well that's him, and they say that they are very successful.
The cast has 28 days to get the restaurant up and running. I watched the 41 minute premiere, along-with umpteen repeats of an interactive granola ad. I have to say that I do want to see more of this. At the very-end in scenes from the future, we see a table being thrown. VH1's Famous Food, just might have a little-bit of everything for Reality television fans. To borrow the theme "Fusion" from the episode, Famous Food feels like a "fusion"-of  The Apprentice, Survivor, (although there are no eliminations that I can see), and maybe even a little-bit of Cheaters, for the sleaze-factor, and of-course WWW, because its fake-as-heck and we're not supposed to say that.