Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabu~la~si~tee Means Dough! For Teresa

Teresa Giudice Tweeted a message to her fans that she has already begun to line-up her Spring book tour. (please read to end of post for update from her current tour).

The new book, once-again co-authored by Heather Maclean, is available for pre-order on Amazon, even though it is not scheduled to be realeased 'till May 3. The pre-order deal from Amazon as usual, carries the price guarantee, which is great, but right now, (Feb 11),  the pre-order price is about as low as I think we will see for a new copy of this book. The Title of Book II, is Fabulicious!-(more about that below). Gia is on the cover, or at least the preview version. Even though it has not yet been released, Fabulicious! is in the top 3 hundred-thousand sellers, on Amazon, and moving-up.
PRE-ORDER page:Fabulicious!: Teresa's Italian Family Cookbook Click HeRE

I found a few other books with the "FAB..."-word in the title on Amazon too. One is from the Coca~Cola™ company:
One Hundred Fabulicious Drinks Amazon (click here) Only 5 available

While I was researching this item, I noticed that Teresa's website is named, "Fabulicious"™. With a Trademark. That's right-it looks like Teresa owns the ™ to, "Fabulicious"™. Someone even made sure that when you use the word for a Google©-search, Teresa's website is the first result. 

And yes, I looked it up. It looks like everything is copacetic as far as Teresa filing with the US Trademark office. Or is it? To tell you the truth, aside from knowing how to hold-down the "alt" key and hit 0153 to make the little ™ deely, I know almost nothing about Trademarks. But this is interesting info. to help understand the process. HERE is a link to  the current Trademark information for Teresa. Apparently, it will be official with publication in the Federal Register, sometime in March.
But, HERE is a link to the US Trademark search-page results for, "Fabulicious"™, and you can see that Teresa has had an interesting history trying to trademark this word. And so have a few other people, including a fragrance company who apparently still owns some rights to the word! (photo below)-How does that work?? Maybe the exclamation point has something to do with it? !

Getting-back to the main topic of this post, (Teresa's book tour), I found a review to a recent stop on Teresa's current book tour from (entire review and more here)
"I first had the chance to taste these healthful recipes last weekend when Teresa ventured outside of Jersey and took a trip down Interstate 80 to Mount Airy Casino and Resort in the Poconos. There, Teresa held a book signing and hosted a dinner at Mount Airy's Italian restaurant, La Sorelle Cucina, which prepared a menu using recipes straight from Teresa's cookbook. For $59 a person, Teresa's guests received a copy of Skinny Italian and feasted on a generous tasting menu of her favorite dishes. The highlight of the night was, of course, Teresa, who personally greeted each guest, posed for photos, and signed each book."-(
Wow! A copy of the book, a personal meet & greet, AND a full-course meal for 59 dollars?? How can that not be the deal of the century? The only thing that fairytalefeasts did not mention was anything about wine-pairings as far as I could tell, so I don't know if that occurred or not. The original invite from the Casino in the Poconos also highlighted a wine-pairing to go with this crazy-fantastic deal.
You can say anything you want about Teresa's messy financial problems, (and I probably have;)), but this lady puts on a mean book tour, and she has done incredibly well for the book business too. I noticed that on Amazon, people who bought Teresa's first book tended to be buyers of cookbooks in general, as opposed to people more interested in The Real Housewives.
It has been stated that Housewives have to give a percentage of their merchandising profits to Bravo. I can't remember, and of-course I don't really know for sure how that applies, or if all of the Housewives are obligated to share profits with the network.
As far as food is concerned, Teresa can do no wrong.  Unless her mama's meatball recipe is a stinker. Meatballs have been known to cause controversy, but I think its how you cook them/like them. I usually prefer mine of the mushy variety-cooked right in the sauce, although lately I've been aiming-for a crispy-crust on the outside. Teresa's mom was making meatballs for her kids at about the same time that my mom was, and I still use that recipe today because its so easy to remember. (-those sneaky moms put shredded carrot in, but I never do that). The never-fail recipe that I use is: One cup of bread crumbs, one cup of water, one egg, and one pound or so package of ground meat .(1+1+1+1-1carrot = Meatballs!-none of that 2/3-cup business for me!)