Monday, October 3, 2011

What's in a Name?

 "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
 By any other name would smell as sweet."
                         -Romeo and Juliet (II, ii,1-2 (link)

 Once again, drama with The Real Housewives of New Jersey has reached Shakespearean heights, so its time to pull-out the references.  We've been hearing a lot of sniping from the main-players, but lurking in the background, some familiar names keep popping-up like weeds.
I was hanging-out on Twitter recently, (@housewifehater), Tweeting, and reading Tweets, and I had an (other-oops!)occasion to be corrected. This time though, the kind correction was for an intentional mistake. Everybody knows that there's only ONE boutique in North Jersey named, POSCHE, (pronounced "posh") right? And we all know that POSCHE is mis-spelled pretentiously, maybe to try and give "Posh" some extra Panache? (or so I thought!)). Well I have a personal-policy about "made-up", or what I think are pretentious, spellings, I just won't be bothered.
But when Mr. Walter Newkirk, aka, "The Rutgers Boy", (on Twitter. Link here) , sent me a polite correction, I took notice. Being corrected by Walter Newkirk, is, as we sometimes say in New Jersey, is an honor and a privilege. Newkirk has ties to the legitimate origins of Reality TV, (through the documentary, "Grey Gardens", and the Mother of Reality TV herself, Pat Loud). He also had a professional relation with Kim G., for about five minutes, which is where I first learned-about Newkirk. Walter Newkirk's history, and the history of, (most-of ha ha), his clientele, was so fascinating to me that I blogged about him, (here).
So I had to wonder why the spelling of a silly name for a boutique, would matter to such a distinguished person? What was he trying to tell me? Persons like Newkirk are above public displays of grammar-naziism, so I knew that it wasn't a personal attack. It had to be a hint!
Its not like anyone would get confused about which POSH.........Oh my. Not only are there too many Joes, and too many Kims, it turns-out that there are, (at least) TWO boutiques. And not only that, they both have connections to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  It also doesn't help that Kim Depaola, (Kim "D"), has two different Facebook pages, Here, and Here where the topics are mostly the same. And just like Teresa Giudice, (who is on Kim D's side-I think), has copy-cat sister-in-law, Melissa Giudice, it appears that Kim D has her very own "Bunny boiler" and imitator. Or maybe more than one?
That's right. There is another Posh. Only it's called, "Posh". The Montville Patch has a full write-up (linked), on the other Posh. The title and sub-title, give an idea of how closely-related BOTH Posh and Posche are linked with The Real Housewives of New Jersey.(copied)

Posh Boutique Owner Promotes Reality Stars

Jairo Arias works with cast members from 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' 'Jerseylicious' and 'Jersey Shore.'
Katie Marinello is a local Montville writer who keeps-up with many of the Bravolebrities in the area for her readers. Posh has a FaceBook page too. They recently changed their avatar to an invitation to a fashion-event, starring none-other than Melissa Gorga.
Google Map says that the stores are about 5.9 miles apart.
The "other" Posh in addition to heavily promoting Melissa on its FaceBook, has some familiar faces as models on its website (HeRE) including these Real Housewives of New Jersey:
There's more. Much more, including a recent, "mean Tweet" sent-out by Danielle Staub, calling for a boycott of Kim D's boutique. Danielle might have a problem if she plans on taking her business to the "other" Posh. That one's website specifically says that it caters to people in the age range of 18-40. Kim D is a professional businesswoman and she knows better than turn away customers. To add to the confusion, Kim D is currently promoting a different event, with Jaquilene Laurita's name included!
Kim D. has been taking a lot of heat lately for her latest fashion fight, I mean show, and her public support of Teresa Giudice. And lines are being drawn between glam-camps of Public Relation peeps, stylists, salons,Real  Housewives and their entourages. Will any of this rivalry appear in Season 4?
As I mentioned, there was quite a bit of "more" to this saga. Pasted below are a few more clips that I found while researching this, you can click to enlarge. I'll post them at the "end" of this post, but I have a feeling that Posh vs Posche, (and I really hoped that I spelled it right!), isn't over yet.
From Kim D's FaceBook(s) linked above      

From Danielle's Twitter-That wasn't very nice!