Friday, October 14, 2011

Project Ladybug Online Financals are Updated!

(see video at the end of this post for more)
This is the most recent report, copied from the State of NJ website. The report date is listed, "2009", but it was not posted until recently due to an extension being filed on Project Ladybug's part, and clerical issues with the State's website. *I may update this information later with comparison to the 2008 information that was posted online. And/or more details about what Project Ladybug has been up-to since they were previously mentioned. I don't know if this report covers ALL of the Ladybug branches. They have been very active in Chicago with fundraising, and in supporting the children and families at the Comer Children's Hospital, (part of The University of Chicago), who are dealing with childhood cancer.Project Ladybug in Chicago (link here) is not listed on the, "honor roll" of donors to UofC, but the hospital has not updated their list since before Ladybug really got started there. I was corresponding by email and telephone with the donation department because they did have a statement and phone number listed inviting people with questions to contact them, but after waiting months, (literally), the only info. that they would give me regarding any monetary figures was to call Project Ladybug and ask them.
I'm also posting a 3 min. YouTube video called, "How Atia's Project Ladybug Funds are Used" following the data. The video was posted this September, it describes some of the things that PL has done in Chicago at an acceptance speech for a fifty-thousand dollar (!) donation to the fund. The audio is a little tricky, but it is worth listening-to if you want to get an idea of how the funds are being used. Personally, I'm impressed by the diverse amount of worthwhile spending activities that they have done to help families and children so far.
Phone: 201-320-0132
Direct Public Contributions:$128,476.00
Program Expenses:$70,000.00
Indirect Public Contributions:0.00
Management Expenses:$10,025.00
Government Grants:0.00
Fund Raising:$47,917.00
Program Service Revenue:0.00
Payments to Affiliates:0.00
Other Support:0.00
Total Expenses:$127,942.00
Total Revenue:$128,476.00

Registration Number: CH3177400
Report in File: 12/31/09
Here is the glossary of terms used copied from the State of NJ website:

Glossary of Terms
  • Fund-Raising Expenses - The dollars that are spent raising money to enable the charity to continue to exist.
  • Management & General Expenses - The dollars that are spent running the organization such as salaries, office expenses, etc.
  • Net Assets - Sometimes called "net worth", net assets equal a charity's assets minus its liabilities.
  • Payments to Affiliates - The dollars that are spent by national charities to the local or state chapters; conversely, some local chapters pay dues to national offices.
  • Program Expenses - The dollars that are spent on the activities or programs for which the charity was founded.
  • Total Gross Revenue - The total of direct public contributions, indirect public contributions, government grants and any other support.
  • Total Expenses - The sum of the expenses categories .