Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have Lost the Plot and Ruined the Re-Union

(Link to A Wrinkle in Time HeRE)

The viewers are currently seeing season 3 play-out. One more episode to go, and then the re-union.
But back in "real", "real-life", the cast and crew. have been busy taping Season 4.
The most recent trouble began when Season 3, ran right into Season 4.

A back-to-back taping schedule, where the notorious annual Poshe (yes-I spell it however I want, Kim did right?) fashion show, was taping scenes for Season 4, on Tuesday night, followed-by the re-union taping for season 3, the next day, before anyone had a chance to recover and dissect the events of the night before, caused EVERYTHING to explode online and on Twitter.

Although people have mostly been commenting and observing the events of Season 3,there have-been some details about Season 4 leaked, tweeted, and talked-about online.

  • One very strong rumor is that Caroline Manzo, quit, or was fired, somewhere in Season 4.
  • We also heard that Teresa and Melissa took a cross-country car trip with the cousins sometime this Summer.(Season 4)
  • And that a marriage-vow-renewal between Joe and Teresa took place somewhere on the East Coast (Season 4), while the rest of the cast was squirreled-away in secrecy in the Pacific-North-West (Season 4).
  • Ashley's Step-mom and her Dad were charged in Texas with insurance fraud and arson, (Season 4).
  • Ashley moved to LA, (Season 4).
Whatever happened at Poshe, (Season 4), was so traumatic, that it caused a shake-up, that caused Jacqueline to take to her Twitter to say that she had had enough. The current rumor is that Jaqueline refused to attend the re-union, (Season 3) taping- that will air in a couple weeks. We can be sure that the events of Season 4, were heavy on the minds of everyone during this Season 3 reunion. The standard Bravo "gag-order", that prevents the cast from revealing events before they are aired  stopped the cast from discussing what was really on their minds.

I seem to remember Jaqueline sending-out, "I quit" messages before, so the latest barrage doesn't do much for me, although I am interested in whether or not she appears on-the-couch, for the re-union. (season 3).

And isn't that the whole point of the re-union show? A chance to see the cast, in the, "here and now", to wrap-up all of those unanswered questions, and catch-up with what has happened to the cast since the taping of the current, (Season 3) taping? A "gag-order" pretty much ruins the reunion-doesn't it?

In retrospect, it has become obvious that taping Season 4, before the re-union for season 3 is taped, was a bad idea.

And now we all know what went-down at that fashion show, because Melissa Gorga finally fessed-up, and posted a statement on her web-page. Melissa was confronted while the cameras were rolling, with the fact that she once worked in what she calls a "bikini bar". She can call it whatever she likes, but the fact is that "Lookers", advertises lap-dances, (gross), and "private rooms available"-(double disgusting ick), on their FaceBook page.
Yet-a certain other person who would like to be called, a fixer-of-rumors, tried to spin the whole story as Teresa, hiring some random "male-stripper", (when it has been confirmed that it was Melissa's pimp, I mean co-worker), to make this whole story up. Nice try Lynn.
At this point, it looks-like Teresa and Joe Gorga haven't got a friend in the cast and they have all turned against them, including the family-members who were brought-on in Season 3.
Speaking-of online and people who comment online, at one point during the fracas on Twitter, Joe Gorga publicly accused an innocent Tweeter, of being on Teresa's payroll. That detail didn't escape me because it appears that "Team Gorga', has an army of "sock-puppets", (fake, or paid commenters who post propaganda online).
There is currently a push to blame Teresa for embarrassing Melissa with this information. Really? I wish that Bravo would come-clean on that for Teresa's sake.
Maybe the whole thing is fake? Maybe the drama is like wrestling, and Teresa, Joe, the children...are all characters like Hulk Hogan? Maybe they are all best-friends, or neutral in real, "real life"? That would be great if ALL of the "hate" was fake, or "scripted", but that wouldn't be fair to the viewers-would it?
Fake or real, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the entire franchise, is in trouble. Who wants to watch a show where people hurt, or pretend-to hurt people, for the most stupid of reasons?
At this point, the only intriguing thing about the whole hot mess, is the license to snoop into the character's "real", "real lives", that we are given by Bravo's continued insistence that it is real.
I have an idea. Why not show us something real, or be honest and post that disclaimer that I keep nagging-for? And now that I'm making a wish-list, I wish that they would delete the whole bunch.
Maybe Bravo is one-step ahead of me here and they already have that planned? There has to be some reason for why they already have Season 4 almost finished. Is Bravo almost finished with these characters, like the New York City gals?
We know that Bravo has a "back-up" family just waiting to take their place, The Marinos of South Jersey. And even-though only the pilot episode of Thicker Than Water-The Marinos has been aired, they left viewers wanting more, and wanting to see what happens next.
The Marinos seemed pretty "real" to me, but that was only one episode. Yes, the therapy-scene had to be a set-up, but it was a funny/cute set-up. The sad evolution of Housewives, usually hit the cast-members in their second season. After they get a little taste of the fame and the money. (and I will excuse one Sonja Morgan here, but she did do a lot of nutty stuff for her Sophomore year)
Would I want to see the cast-members from The Marino family try to hurt each other just for drama and screen-time?-No. Would they fall-prey to plastic-surgery, and all that seems to go-along with wearing the false-eyelashes and being a Real Housewife?
I guess that time will tell? OH-and speaking-of The Marinos, I posted this the other day on Twitter, (You can follow me there @HousewifeHater if you want to see my updates and Real Housewife Trivia), I happened to notice that the very first episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's title, as listed in Wikipedia is, "Thicker than Water"-the name of The Marino's show.-Co-incidence or not?