Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wiki-Leak or Prank For Jersey Housewives?

Sometime late last night, someone posted an addition to an entry to At the bottom of the Real Housewives of New Jersey page, information was added with episode listings, air-dates, and titles for season III.
Shortly after that, Absurd 2 Sublime took a screen-shot of the information, and posted a blog about it.
Lucky thing they were on-the-ball, because sometime today, someone deleted the information.
Absurd2Sublime made note of the fact that one of the up-coming season's episodes is, (supposedly), titled, Joe & Tara something or other.
They, (Absurd 2 Sublime), did make a slight error in their report, there are 14 episodes listed, not 28!
 (28 is total number of episodes aired so far?).
Also of interest, are the presumed air-dates, and Season III show premiere. The, (deleted) Wiki-entry, lists Saturday May 7th, for episode 1, of Season III.
I don't recall The Housewives running on Saturdays, so that's pretty suspicious.

While this is an "unofficial" release of information, aside from some Twitter messages from the Real Housewives of New York cast members, (citing various dates the first week in April), and one slightly ominous attribution of an, April 1st, (April Fool's day!?), premiere there have been no official announcements, about when the re-scheduled Real Housewives of New York will return. Seeing schedule info.about the Jersey Girls, while the New York franchise is still up-in-the-air, has got to have some people more than a just little bit worried.

The link to Wiki, posted at the top of this item, is the revision-page for Real Housewives of New Jersey. In checking previous revisions, it is interesting to note that there has been some back-and-forth, revision going-on. Apparently, someone keeps going-back to the article and adding Kim G., and them someone else returns, and deletes her name from the page, and so on. Kim's name is/was also included in one-of the listed episode titles, "(episode) 6. Kim G. Steps In- June 18, 2011"

I guess we'll have to "Watch What Happens"-(Bravo), to see if any of the information is correct. If it is, this would be the first time that an entire season of episodes were laid-out in advance. Usually information about up-coming episodes/titles etc. is released after-the-fact, or no more than the standard two-weeks advance block-scheduling.

Nikkie Finke from Deadline Hollywood is claiming that press credentials were revoked because she commited the journalistic crime of publishing too much advance information about this year's Oscar Awards.
So I'm wondering if this Wikipedia drive-by, was someone's idea of a way to publish privileged information, without risking sanctions?