Monday, February 14, 2011

Kim, "Granny-Panties" Granatell Dishes-out Dirt on Teresa & Joe

I found a link to the item posted above on my Facebook page.  How ironic is it Kim posts a blog full-of accusations about a cast-member after trying to force another blogger to delete information about herself?
(The recent  incident with The Really Old Housewife of Manatee County)
Kim and her lawyers may think that by not mentioning Joe and Teresa Giudice that she can make these allegations, but we'll just have to see if Kim can dish it out like this like this and get-away with it. We already know that she can't take it. Keep in mind that Kim has dropped enough hints that we don't have to guess to know that she is talking about Teresa & Joe.
(copied from article by Kim)
"I actually was approached by a guy to invest in a business that I found out later never existed. He was just so convincing. I saw the lifestyle he had: several homes in all the right zip codes, a private jet, a fleet of luxury cars in a parking lot the size of a mini mall... (and all with other peoples hard earned money). But I was too smart and way ahead of his game, playing him like he was playing others.
These people want what other people have. They basically do not want to work for it or do not have a strong business sense to succeed on their own. Instead of being happy in their own skin, they desire to excel, but at the expense of others...and get away with it!!!
They are Pros. They have a lot of self confidence and feel they are above the law. In many recent conversations with my girlfriend, who is a high powered attorney, I have discussed this topic with her. Some people skirt the law with their actions... often worse than morally bankrupt. They are morally empty.
The example(s) I am about to cite are true and committed by basically one family or person. I have left out the names to protect the Not-So-Innocent individual's family. The story may be familiar to you. So, here's how it goes.
It starts with the little things. In one instance, this person went into a local boutique and took (I can't say bought) hundreds of dollars of clothing for her children, and said "oh I will be back to pay you," and never went back. She did this on several occasions throughout many boutiques in the area, not just for the children but for herself also.
From there she graduated on to bigger and better things. She had "wild" spending on credit cards, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars without a thought in mind to ever pay them. She built an add-on million dollar house (of course not in the right zip code) and bragged about how many more millions it was worth and that it was, indeed, brand new. So not true. It was built on swamp land with a major highway in the backyard, out in the middle of nowhere. She gave minimal deposits to all the contractors on the job and when the time came to make the final payment after the jobs were completed, these guys were "you know what" out of luck."-Kim Granatell