Monday, February 7, 2011

Its BaAak---Tweet Maxine reincarnated and Tweeting-up a storm!
I can't remember why Maxine was deleted from Twitter late last year, but I do remember that there were more than one person taking the credit for her/(or his?) deletion.
She had been particularly rough on Simon. And Claudine, (Dina Manzo), had some problems with her also.

I found an announcement of Maxine's return, on Jim Star's blog, (link above) who has been Tweeting back & forth with Maxine since her recent return, which was January 24th, on a Twitter account that had been set-up in December, but only had two messages on it. Maxine has posted 865 messages since her quiet return exactly two weeks ago.

Star identifies himself as being involved in public relations in his messages to Maxine.

I read most of the Tweets, and they are as juicy as they were in the old days, (meaning 2010). I won't repeat the ones that were exceptionally interesting, because I fell into Maxine's trap of lies when I first began doing research for my NY Housewives blog. She does report at least twice that Kim Z. will be giving birth to a baby boy. As many of you will remember from her Bethenny announcement, (complete with imaginary sources in the hospital where she claimed that Bethenny was giving-birth),  that Jill Zarin repeated, well-she has a track-record for BS. There was one item where The Enquirer was referred-to as a source, and I looked-for confirmation and could not find it. Maybe Maxine was referring to that site that calls itself Enquirer, but anybody can post anything on it-NOT the National Enquirer Celebrity gossip rag?

The Tweets that I tried to verify, (but again could find nothing, and I only bothered to look because a source was posted), were something about Joe and Teresa Giudice being first cousins. Maxine also claimed that that info. was discovered by Bernie Kerik, on behalf of Caroline Manzo. (Kerik is Caroline's friend who worked in law enforcement until he was indicted.)  She/or he, also claims that Jackie has not been seen in public lately, due to bad plastic-surgery. And a lot of other interesting, but possibly/probably  fictitious gossip about The Housewives. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Up until recently, Maxine urged her followers, (a little more than 200 at this point), to keep her return on the down-low. But today she posted the following on her Facebook:
that she wants people to be able to find her. The blog mentioned above was also posted some time on the 6th of February.
Maxine reminds people often in her Tweets, that she has been on Facebook all-along, complete with video, and tells people that she can be found there in the event that she is disappeared again on Twitter. Until that happens, she/he/it? is happily chirpping-away as BRAVOMAXINE  (click-through), on Twitter.