Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sex-Tape Mystery SOLVED!

They don't really make, "tapes", anymore-do they? It just sounds better. In any event, I've finally found the answer to the question, "Who was DANIELLE STAUB'S co-star in her sex-video?"
Also, the fact that her partner is a known, (in the porn-industry), actor/performer, AND the fact that he is now using the video in his filmography of professional works, answers that other sticky question, and the answer is: "YES", this is/was professionally-produced porn, and NOT something that someone, "leaked".

I found the answer on Adult Video News, (here) .
Kevin James(III), not to be confused with The King of Queens, co-star, Kevin James. Where apparently, James (III), has quietly added Raw to his list of credits.

While researching Staub on TMZ.com, I noticed that she had been in the running to win the 2010 TMZZY for "Most Likely to Disappear in 2011" . And, although I leaned heavily towards the mystery-man in the mirror having a hairline that suspiciously looking exactly like Tommy Manzo, (Claudine/Dina's husband), I also like the other guesses in the comments that follow TMZ article linked up top, including the most recent comment which names Joe Giudice as the, "Mystery Man".