Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blast from the Past. Howard Stern has a long history with Camille & Kelsey...
While I was browsing Stoopid Housewives, (my new favorite Housewives blog), I noticed an item about Camille Grammar being a guest on Howard Stern's radio show talking about the divorce.
It was also an item on EXTRA!
Camille had a small part in Howard's movie, Private Parts before she had even met Kelsey, and Howard has been using Kelsey as show material since the 90's.

I don't subscribe to pay-radio, but I do know where to find detailed, (word-for-word-transcripts basically of every on-air moment), descriptions of Howard's program. For more than a decade, Mark's Friggin'... has been updating his site archiving Howard's show.
So I entered, "Kelsey", into the site's search-box, and I found YEARS! of interviews with everyone in the Grammar family, not just the most recent chitty-chat, back-and-forth about the divorce. Here are some snips, from the archives, which I found really interesting in hindsight:

Back in 2008, Kelsey's older daughter, Spencer, made a solo appearance on the show.

"She said she was cut off from her father this year after she started to distance herself from him. She said that she and Camille (Kelsey's wife) don't get along very well. She told Howard about this one time that Camille threw something at her car. She said that Kelsey has another daughter that he doesn't stay in contact with much either. She went on to tell Howard about what happened between her mother and Kelsey. She said she actually moved in with her father when she was about 16 years old. She was having problems with her mother and moved in with them. Then she was having issues with her father after she kind of lied to them. Camille ended up throwing a vase at her car. Spencer said that Camille and Kelsey were actually fighting over her and Camille was saying that she hated her. Howard said that Kelsey should have put Camille in her place at that time instead of taking her side.

Howard asked Spencer about what her father thinks about her doing the show. She said he wasn't upset about it and gave her some advice. She said he told her if she didn't have anything nice to say, she shouldn't say anything. She also said that her father told her not to make fun of people's illnesses which was referring to Howard goofing on Camille's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Howard wondered if camille walks around farting all the time. Spencer said she didn't but she was sick all the time and doesn't eat certain types of food. Spencer said Camille spends a lot of time in bed.

Spencer said she wasn't allowed to have friends over very often because he's been sued by people in the past. She said her father felt that she was using him or something so it wasn't that great. She also said that Camille used to call her names and told her that she was using her father for his money and stuff like that. She eventually left the house after hearing her father and Camille arguing about her. Howard said Camille probably felt threatened by Spencer because she is Kelsey's daughter and she'll always be his daughter. If Kelsey and Camille ever get divorced, Spencer will still be his daughter and he might throw some money her way."-(, 2008)

"Kelsey's father was murdered when Kelsey was just 13 years old. His sister was also robbed, raped and murdered and his 2 half brothers drown while scuba diving. Howard said Kelsey was entitled to have a drug problem. Kelsey also had a wife that used to beat him up and crap like that. Howard said he didn't know how screwed up his life really was. Now Kelsey's got a beautiful wife and a hit TV show" -( interview)
"Howard had Chaunce Hayden on the phone to ask a question. Chaunce heard that Camille was once paid to be with a Saudi Arabian Sheik sometime in her life. Howard had Camille get on the phone to find out if that was true or not. Camille said that's absolutely not true at all. She's never been paid to be with a Sheik or anyone else. " (-2000)
Howard also wondered why Kelsey didn't thank Camille at the awards show. Camille wasn't upset that he didn't because he's done it so many times before. Howard also brought up Kelsey's house that he's seen on some news reports and magazine articles. He read that the guest house is 8000 square feet which is larger than Howard's old house on Long Island. Gary came in and said that the fact sheet they have says Camille gets an allowance of $500 a week and Kelsey gets $200. Their assistant hands out the cash. Howard figured that they have a lot of credit cards also. (-2003)