Sunday, January 30, 2011

More FAKE Reality

But this time, its dangerous
(click photo for shocking detail view)Has anyone seen Suzanne Somers pimping-out her latest money-maker? I have. She was on the Rachel Ray show last week, and also spent some time with Hoda and Kathie Lee.
Since I've been researching this topic after seeing what she REALLY LOOKS LIKE (click here & scroll-down)
-thanks to MTO, (, and a feature-story on INSIDE EDITION

The INSIDE EDITION story was generated, in my opinion, by a cover-story done this week by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Since its still on the newsstands they don't have the story online, but this is the teaser:

"Get more details in this week's issue of The ENQUIRER. Plus: Suzanne Somers' bizarre new face!"-National Enquirer

THE ENQUIRER of course has been following Ms. Somers for years, and my trip to their search-engine to find this story was not wasted. They did a feature in 2009, predicting a trip to Canada to undergo a plastic-surgery procedure called the, "Stem-Cell Facelift" . According to that article, the plan was for Somers to beautify herself with this procedure, and then sell it on various news-like outlets including Larry King. And THAT! is why I opened this item with the word, dangerous.
Although King is retired now, his show aired-on CNN, a, "NEWS" network. Note the hideous photo at the top- Somers is posing her deformed face & legs in front of a CNN backdrop.
And what happens when Somers appears on CNN, and other, NEWS, and "REAL"??? television programs like Rachael Ray, and Kathy and Hoda? What do they discuss? How GREAT Somers looks! How Beautiful! When in REALITY-they are sitting there talking-to a deformed MESS.
And WE are supposed to run-out and buy the book that tells us how to look exactly like they PRETEND she looks!
Well-I have a feeling that the jig is up. The tables have turned, and the new story is "What happened to Suzanne Somers?". But only because someone decided that enough is enough!
And it must have been pretty recently too. When I saw Somers on Rachel Ray just last week, the party-line was still being towed.
Apparently, the resentment towards Somers has been going-on FOR YEARS. She's frequently seen hawking her latest health or beauty product on TV-Shopping channels, but lately, she's switched channels. So-it could be a professional grudge.
But the Internets have been abuzz for years with complaints about Somers's controversial health & medical advice to women. And in another quote from The ENQUIRER, the TRUTH behind the profitable THIGH-MASTER product that Somers sold, as an alternative to lipo, is revealed:


Suzanne Somers has been caught lying AGAIN about how she keeps up her youthful looks, downplaying that plastic surgery played a part in her age-defying appearance.

During an interview with Larry King on Oct. 14 to promote her new book, the 60-year-old fitness queen and former star of "Three's Company" was caught fibbing when King asked her if she'd had any "work done."

Suzanne credited her youthful appearance primarily to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy — a regimen she dubs "the juice of youth."

"No, this is a real face," Suzanne told King. "This is a hormone face."

When pressed further, Suzanne finally admitted to having undergone Botox treatments, which she referred to as "fillers."

"Everybody does that," she said.

But in February 2001, The ENQUIRER photographed her leaving a plastic surgery clinic after having liposuction.

Suzanne originally said she was at the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills to have a cancerous mole removed — but she was later forced to admit that she had undergone lipo.

Now Suzanne is coming under fire for misleading women in her new book..."-The Enquirer

I've also found comments posted online referring to the most serious accusations about Somers and her breast cancer treatment advice & claims that she was diagnosed with cancer herself yet chose to seek alternative treatments. The accusations claim that in REALITY, Somers had the very treatments that she advised other women diagnosed with cancer to refuse.
Somers has published numerous successful health & beauty books with copious medical credentialing, giving her work the appearance of being-on the cutting-edge of medical science.

She also sells snake-oil treatments on her own website, advising that women buy HER products instead-of what their own doctors recommend. And no I will not provide the link-Don't go there unless you want to look like the photo up-top!

The fact that Somers has chosen to be a Charlton is one thing. That the mainstream media would go-along with it and fawn over her beauty, when they are sitting right in front of hideous deformity they can see with their own eyes, (and what WE cannot see due-to Photo-shop© and camera tricks), is criminal in my opinion.
And don't forget the Make-up artists! Copied & enlarged here is a 2009 photo from that I clicked-on to enlarge because I thought something about the earring looked weird. Then I noticed that it appears that she has glued tiny pink rhinestones onto her LIPS! Obviously a trick to make her lips appear to sparkle? And yeah-I also think those peepers are colored contact lenses. They look just like the ones that Claudine, Dina Manzo likes to wear. Something about them reminds me of the Michael Jackson, "Thriller" lenses-maybe the, "fake"-part?
Herpes or Swarovskis?

I've mentioned that Somers first came to my attention recently while on her media-blitz with Rachael Ray, (who again, complimented ad-nausea Somers beauty), and I suspect that the two of them have some sort of business partnership. While researching this topic, I couldn't help but notice how often the two names were linked together. In my opinion, Ray has done nothing to enhance herself by affiliating with Somers, and, (again in my view), she has damaged her reputation beyond repair.