Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are we Being Played?

Just for the record, Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Kelsey Grammar is getting a little too much publicity?

OK-there's a Hollywood divorce. But why advertise all of it? And why the heck is Kelsey, (supposedly in my opinion), rushing into another marriage and continually making a big deal out of when this hush-hush wedding is going to happen? Does anybody really care that much? As much as it's being shoved-down our necks?

As far as I can tell, ALL of is a big publicity stunt! I bet that Camille was in on it from the beginning-to make her role on Housewives more interesting, to make them both appear more interesting and controversial.

I think that its back-firing. Kelsey is being over-exposed in my opinion, and while I would normally not change the channel when a Frasier repeat comes on, its almost at the point where I would change the channel out of annoyance with all of it.

These statements and quotes that we keep seeing are being churned-out by Camille & Kelsey ultimately. And once again, there are children involved, and this makes them stinky parents in my opinion.

I'm also getting the feeling that we are supposed to hate Camille. She's just so unlikeable with a shady past -like Danielle Staub. Even-if Camille has some despicable qualities, there is just no way that Kelsey gets any points for the way that he has been behaving publicly. Again-why do we have to hear about his upcoming wedding every other day? This entire saga reminds me of the misdirection that we were prompted to believe with the Jersey Gals. Danielle was pushed on us as the, "villain", while meanwhile Teresa & Joe, (and the rest of them too!), have some big secrets to hide.

As far as the Beverly Hills Housewives, I have to say that Taylor/Shana/Ford/Hughes/Armstrong.....whatever she wants to call herself, and her con-artist husband look like the most mysterious out of that bunch, from what I've been seeing posted on Stoopid Housewives. And she seemed so quiet!

Lisa & Adrianne are both too smart and too wealthy to let this show make them look bad. And if Kim was trying to revive her career, well she has Kyle to thank for dragging her into the mud. Neither one of those sisters did themselves a favor by agreeing to be on this show. If I had a bitch of a back-stabbing sister like Kyle, I think I'd be using substances just to deal with it. Hopefully, Kim's problem isn't that serious because it would be sad if she slinked-off with the reputation that RHWOBH left her. I don't know how heavy the competition is for Kim in the acting world, but I do think that Disney owes her a part.
Kyle may have ruined her chances there?