Monday, November 28, 2011


   "That wasn't cool at ALL!"-Kandi's mom
I know that I've been a bad blogger lately, and even my links need to be refreshed/updated...but I'm still here.
Since The Real Housewives of Atlanta are currently airing, I've been meaning to add at least two local "Atlanta"-blogs that keep showing-up in my searches for info. about the Atlanta Housewives.-to the blogroll.
One is the Southern-sweet, and the other is , which is a little bit more urban, but between the two sites, they have The Real Housewives of Atlanta covered!
I would love to grab a screen-cap of RIDICKULOUS, from Straight From The A, but instead, I'll just give the link to this post, so you can see for yourself if you like. (no nudity the last time that I checked, but be warned anyways)
After taking a look at Mr. Ridikulous's face, in the link above, I was surprised that I didn't notice what a nice-looking guy he is when he appeared on RHWOA last night, but he was wearing a hood, and then all-that commotion!
Am I on "Team Nene", or "Team Phaedra"?  BOTH, ha ha. In my opinion, what Bravo chose to set-up, was obscene in my opinion, AND, in the opinion of many communities in the USA, which I'm sure Mrs.Phaedra knows is what defines "obscenity". (the legal definition of obscene is normally delegated to community-standards). but. For some reason, I want to give Phaedra a pass. I think that she made a mistake, or maybe everyone who was there was "in" on what was going-to happen?  In any event, I'm rooting for Phaedra to come-out smelling like a rose, even-though what what we think that we saw was definitely wrong.
It must be that Southern Belle charm, and myself being a Yankee from Yankee-land, I'm a sucker for it every time.
I'm glad that some of the party-goers expressed discomfort with what apparently happened! And I loved the way that all of those name-brand designers rolled-out of Nene's mouth in her moment of flight. I don't know if I detected a slight Italian, or Euro-French accent in Ms. Nene's pronunciation, but I liked that too.
I could go on and on about why I think that Bravo crossed-the-line with this, but the two main problems that I have concern, one-the performer himself, because I'm not so sure that what I think I saw him doing wasn't physically harmful. Since double-negatives confuse me, I'll say it another way, I think that it is possible that what I think we saw him do was painful, and could cause permanent-damage.
Hopefully I'm wrong about that, and Mr. Ridiculous is not abusing himself to entertain people, but Bravo could have AT LEAST added a "Don't try this at home", warning.
Am I taking it too seriously? I don't think so. I don't think that Bravo took the performance seriously enough.
And that's why I have to say that I'm one-hundred percent two-faced on this one. I hope that Phaedra recovers from whatever part she had in this, yet I'm firmly on the side-of Nene and Kandi's mother when it comes to having the right to be offended. It was outrageous, over-the-top, inappropriate...and whatever other ways that can be used to describe how WRONG it is to surprise people with something that could be considered obscene.
As a viewer, I was offended. And I would have liked to have-had the opportunity to put a prayer-cloth over my television! I did learn something about myself from this, I am personally equally sqeamish about seeing men be exploited for their naked body-parts, as I am when it comes to women. Kandi's mom had it right when she said that it "wasn't cool".