Monday, November 7, 2011

What's in Kim Richards's Medicine Cabinent? Rx's
So I jotted them down, and looked them up for anyone who is interested, Trazadone (link to med info), most-likely used as-an anti-depressant. Lexapro(link to med info) *also called Escitalopram, another drug that seems to affect one's Serotonin, also noted for use with anxiety/nervousness. And most interesting to me because I've never heard about this one before, and I don't know if use for treating alcohol-cravings is considered, "off-label", or not, but, Topamax(link to med info) *also called Topiramate a drug normally prescribed for Epileptic seizures, but also noted for use in treating Alcoholism.
Was the scene with Dr. Paul set-up as a good opportunity for Kim to reveal and share this very personal information with us on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? She certainly would have been afforded privacy in answering the question on camera if she really wanted-to right?
(And does anyone wonder just what Taylor, and the others answer would be, and why we didn't see their answers?)
Wow--that is some heavy-duty medication there, and if anyone else is saying that Kim is brave for sharing this, I'd have to agree. Either that, or maybe not being able to lie is one of the side-effects? (I've heard-of stranger side-effects, and after reading the monographs of these particular drugs, I'd say that would be a mild one).
Of-course by now, she may have decided to try something else. In any event, this new development of naming exactly what meds a Real Housewife is using is pretty interesting to me.
And just for the record, I'd guess from the glass-of Pepsi©, or Coke© that Kim's boyfriend was drinking when we were introduced to him, that they met each-other in treatment.