Monday, December 5, 2011

Joining in Solidarity with Another Blog/ Why we Should let Bravo know how we Feel

Something important is going-on over at SH is doing a series about how Taylor Armstrong's storyline on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is affecting the late Russel Armstrong's children, Ex-wives, and his family. Apparently, one-of Russel Armstrong's ex-wives, (Barbara), has confided to, (full story here), and the information has incited SH to call-for letting Bravo and others know how the public feels about airing the late Mr. Armstrong, as part-of this season's story.
Copied from the story and posted below is one example of what the viewers didn't see, this is heart-breaking to me, and even-though I put the blame squarely on Taylor, (and her party-planner), after seeing this, I feel personally responsible to agree with SH, and I will be joining in the effort to let Bravo know how I feel about this. (full instructions on how to do that in the item:
I won't lie and say that I won't be watching tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because I plan-on watching it this week. But I cannot just stand-by and digest this BS. The one thing that I will say in Bravo's defense, is that (so-far), as-far as I can tell, the viewers are NOT falling-for Taylor's act.
Is that because Bravo has edited things in Russel's favor? At this point, its hard to tell, but Russel Armstrong's family has continued to maintain that ANY airing of the late Mr. Armstrong is causing them, and his children pain. The least that I can do is join the message-campaign, and furthermore, I will NOT be watching any more 1st runs of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this season. IF I watch it at all-it will be the re-runs.
Clipped from, is what finally provoked me to take action. No its not the viewer's fault that this happened, but as consumers of the series, it would be irresponsible to think that WE were not considered, and therefore very indirectly, played a part in what SH (and I agree 100%) calls "despicable" behavior.(copied):

How Shana and Bravo REALLY do birthday parties… from Barbara…

“Oh we forgot to mention to you another important note…. Kennedy’s birthday party at the Saddle Rock Ranch was also supposed to be a belated party for Russell’s 11-year-old, too.  Yet, they put the wrong year on the Costco cake and no one even sang  happy birthday to him.
FYI:  Kennedy’s cake was $2,000.00.  Also, Russell’s 14-year-old was there to confirm and told me that his brother was very upset and said “this sucks” and Aiden said “Mom I told him told I know and I told him it would be OK.”
And to add more pain and misery…he didn’t get one gift and Kennedy got a horse and so many gifts that they had to be taken out in a truck.  She (Shana) made sure the boys had nothing!”

(end copy)