Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Book , How I "stole"-it, and did Dr. Sophy (accidently/iatrogenically) Kill Russel Armstrong?


I am not going to buy Taylor's book. I am not going to ask my local public library to buy it. I would not even borrow it from a public library if they already have it.
A commenter on Tammara's blog said that they would donate the money that they would have spent on the book to support victims of domestic violence. I like that sentiment, and the idea is something that could help right some of the wrongs that Bravo, and Taylor are committing by continuing to perpetrate Taylor's storyline. Right now,the Kindle-version is for-sale on Amazon for $11.99. 
There was only one thing that I wanted to learn-about from Taylor's book, and as-far as I could tell, (more about that and how to read the book for "free"-later. Access to all free-tips via Amazon link at top), the crucial info. was not there.
What I wanted to know, was simply, : 
"Why, and when did Taylor Armstrong have a Lasik© procedure, preceding the "incident" of post-Lasik© alleged abuse?

Appropriate Candidates

Appropriate candidates for LASIK surgery are patients under 55 years of age with at least one year of stable vision and who have:
  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

According to(link to source quoted above) LASIK© is only recommended for 3 reasons. No where in the book did I see any mention of Taylor having LASIK©, or even wearing glasses, until she claims that Russell hit her in an eye that "should have had perfect vision, because she had just had LASIK©" . There is also a lot of weaseling about exactly what happened to her eye. She mentions the "possibility"-of a "titanium implant", being recommended, but I could not see where she says that she actually has one. Many LASIK© patients report severe damage following the procedure. The, "flap-repair, flap-wrinkle" that she reports having on July 5th, 2011, weeks after Russell alledgedly hit her, is a common result of LASIK damage.
This is how I read so much of Hiding From Reality for free on Amazon.com: I have already downloaded and installed the Free Kindle for PC on my computer. It can also be installed on mobile devices. If you have a Kindle, its even better because with a free trial-subscription to Amazon Prime, you can actually download one free book if it is in the lending library, (along-with the other great "Prime" services like free-shipping, video...).
If you don't feel like using the download, no-problem, just click the free-preview where it says, "look inside the book". (But if you do download the Kindle-sample, you get a little more from the 1st chapter).
Also-you can see much more if you are logged-in to Amazon.
Now here's where it gets a little tricky, but it really pays-off. There is a search-box where you can enter keywords. I must have searched 75 to 100 different terms, and cross-refrenced that info. with the page/chapter outline that was available to establish a "timeline" to the story.
Posted-below are some highlights/review, but the most important thing that I learned concerned Russel Armstrong's death. If what Taylor says about Russell taking medication is close to the truth, I believe that Russel's death was directly related to the use, and sudden discontinuation of powerful psychiatric drug(s) that Taylor claims were prescribed by Dr. Sophy for Russell's, "anger".
In the book, Taylor reports that Russell had an immediate, and noticeable effect from the drug(s), even-though they had been told not to expect anything right-away. (I was unable to see if Taylor named the drug or not-someone should certainly ask her this important question but I have a feeling that the networks/lawyers/drug-companies will not allow that). By entering more search-words, I was able to see that Taylor also claims that Russell said that if he had had the medication ten-years ago, he would have spared people from his trouble. The book details further remarks about the meds, and then documents that Russell had been expected to refill the prescription on the Thursday immediately preceding his suicide, but that he neglected to do that, thus-terminating the drug without medical supervision. Unfortunately, that scenario is part-of the "Black-Box", side-effects, which are known to result-in accidental suicides due-to a chemical imbalance which is caused-by suddenly starting, and/OR stopping certain drugs. Russell Armstrong's suicide is a textbook example of the "Black Box"-warning suicide/side-effect.
What drug was Russell taking? I would like to know, but there are so many, including drugs like Accutane© for pimples-that are required by law to carry a "Black-Box/Suicide"-warning, that it really does not matter.
BLACK BOX from http://www.prescriptiondrugsarekillingus.blogspot.com/
Prescription drugs are very dangerous and in my opinion, if Russell really did take the meds, (and stop taking them suddenly without supervision), and he really did experience effects from the drug(s), it is very easy to draw the conclusion that Russell Armstrong was suffering a chemical sensitivity, (like an allergic-reaction).
I am not accusing Dr. Sophy of intentionally causing his patient's suicide. Most Psychiatrists put a lot of faith in prescription drugs. NOT-prescribing drugs could be considered "malpractice", and Dr. Sophy, (as-far as I know), was following the current recommendations for treatment by offering drugs to Russell Armstrong. "Drug-abuse" and misuse, occurs when patients do not follow the instructions given to them by a doctor, or pharmacist. The standard-of-care, when prescribing any drug, includes instructions for the patient to follow-up and discuss any changes to a medication regime, many times including a warning to notify the Dr. immediately, and not to suddenly discontinue a substance without a doctor's advice. Taylor also claims in her book that Dr. Sophy had not heard from Russell in the days leading-up to the suicide. If that is also true, Russell made a critical mistake. A mistake, that Taylor would certainly have known was serious IF she had known at the time, considering her own medical degree. (I sure don't have a medical degree, and even I know that this stuff can and does KILL!).
In my lay-person's uneducated opinion, I think that the coroner's report should list Russell Armstrong's death as, "Death by pharmaceutical mis-adventure."
What did I learn from "stealing" Taylor's book?
  • Taylor  says that she didn't like her life and wanted to be someone else.
  • In addition to student-loans, Taylor had a $30,000 credit-card debt in college because she liked the "Beverly Hills" lifestyle.
  • She seduced her best-friend's boyfriend
  • She had her breasts augmented and her lips done
  • Her aunt was in the music biz. and her mom was for a short-time
  • She studied medicine in college for some reason that she doesn't quite understand
  • Russell rejected her and gave her phone number to his friend and she finally accepted a date with friend to Russell's surprise-party. Hijinks ensued.
  • She claims that Russell's mother suffered "hypomania", and hinted-at a genetic source for mental illness.
  • She alludes that Russell had paranoia, delusions, and a possibly severe, undiagnosed mental illness
  • That Taylor was followed and investigated and Russell allegedly told her not to worry when her email was compromised  Apparently Russell's loved-ones were concerned about Taylor from day-1.
  • She reports going to a "sex-hormone-therapist/Dr." herself, to try and improve her relationship with Russell.
  • The bit about taking a gender-test to determine if Kennedy was a boy or girl.
  • That Russell convinced her to take a polygraph-test because she had a famous NBA basketball player's phone number on her phone.
  • That Russell beat her friend Jennifer's fiance, Mark, so badly that Mark needed new teeth.
  • That police were involved with that incident because-of the violence and that police questioned Taylor because Jennifer said that Russell tried to kill Taylor, Mark, and some dogs, by drowning them all in a swimming pool
  •  That Dr. Sophy is the greatest, and that Sophy consoled Taylor after Russell's death telling her that Russell had been very sick for a very long time and that Russell did not receive treatment soon-enough to prevent his death.