Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Inconsistency Discovered in "The Book".
Thanks-to an in-depth discussion and post on the blog, The Chirping Wit, (link here) , where an anomaly with the date on the medical paperwork that Taylor Armstrong posted on her Facebook, (and then deleted), was questioned, yet another untruth from Taylor's book was unearthed.
The screen-shot and link at the beginning-of this post shows the hours of operation for the medical imaging place which was documented as performing the Cat-scan of Taylor's eye. Much was made of the fact that the document that Taylor posted, (and then deleted), was dated as having done the scan on June 22, 2011.
Here's another screen-shot from searching "inside the book", where Taylor says that she received this Cat-scan on June 26th, which happened to be a Sunday, when the place was CLOSED. I know that celebrities are used-to receiving special-treatment in the Thirty Mile Zone, but bringing-in enough staff to operate a CAT-scan machine for Taylor on a day-off, just doesn't make any sense, so I'll have to go-with thinking that the place was definitely not-open on June 26th.

A "mistake"? Just like using the term, "dislocated", as a medical-diagnoses, instead-of a "feeling", could be considered an "error"?
Like many other people who have been following Taylor's stories, I've done a lot of research to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Sorry but I can't recall where I saw the link to The AstroChicks latest prediction posted (this), but the advice that they give to Taylor is what I would say to her at this point:
"I don’t care much for who she is trusting right now, if I was speaking with her, I would tell her to TRUST NO ONE! If you can’t even trust yourself, how can you then trust another, especially when it comes to career and money!"-AstroChicks
-And in my mind,that includes Bravo Andy. Was Taylor in-on the premise that her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, was nothing more than an infomercial for "Norwegian Hair", or whatever product endorsement that Andy was pushing? Because I certainly hope that they don't expect people in dangerous relationships to follow Taylor's plan. 
We all know people who have walked-out of abusive relationships with nothing. Maybe those aren't the kind-of people that Bravo wants their viewers to aspire to be? Maybe those people are too busy putting their lives back-together to care about red-bottom shoes, or rented mcmansions, fake-eyelashes, or girdles?
And maybe that's why we won't see those people on The Real Housewives? That's too bad, because those are the "real" people who could really teach all of us a thing or two worth aspiring-to, isn't it?