Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salahis on Celeb Rehab was a STUNT?

20/20 Twitter feed

I like to keep-up with the Salahis by visiting the Facebook page, Tell the White House Party Crasher to Go-Away (link) . So, of course that was the first place that I visited to try and get the details about the recent Celebrity Rehab fiasco. There were so many bits & pieces there, that I had a hard-time figuring it all out.
This is my attempt to get the story in one place.

Radar Online, has an exclusive that was the first place to hint that everything might not be what it seems, because buried in their article were some comments from Tariq about an "expose".

"wanted her to pretend to be something she wasn’t. Tareq says he now has plans of exposing the makings of reality shows on national television."
we can show you a bunch of emails about what they wanted her to pretend to be, therefore, but that's going to come out later on with one of the major networks."
"See the first episode of busting some of these reality shows open on ABC News 20/20.  There will be a special on Friday and maybe more to come after that." -(RADAR ONLINE)

The Radar exclusive goes-on to say that 20/20 did not respond, but 20/20 is, in fact doing a piece on reality television this Friday. (See the Tweet at the top of this story, also the 20/20 website confirms).

Salahi's press statement (link) has some interesting comments, and even-though I recall them suing, and threatening to sue anyone who called them, "Party Crashers", they seen to have embraced the title, by introducing themselves as:
 "Globally recognized as the alleged White House Party Crasher", in the press-release. They go-on to ominously say : 
" To address the recent rumors that both Salahis are filming on the set of Celebrity Rehab:    Part of this story is inaccurate.  As you can imagine, everyone has a different journey that one goes through in life.  Television Star, Michaele Salahi has a very compelling story and while we are unable to discuss any Television Shows/projects in development, we can confirm that whatever new show she is participating in..." (Crasher's press release)
Confused yet? So, was the entire Celebrity Rehab an undercover assignment? Corporate espionage? I don't know, but personally, for probably the first time, I'm actually interested in what these two goof-balls have to say. Are they going to spill everything they know about reality television?