Friday, March 4, 2011

Is Matchmaker Bad for Business too?

We already know that last season's Millionaire Matchmaker didn't have much luck in the love department, but I just learned that being on that show could be the kiss of death for business.
One of the bachelors featured on the show, Jordan Osher, (he looked like Jerry Seinfeld), talked about his business called
Meet the Famous, is/was a site where people can upload pictures of celebrities, and news media can buy/download the photos.
I was looking-for a celebrity photos, so I thought that I'd register and see what was available. The site appears to be up & running but after I registered, I saw this message:  
Click image to enlarge-They're closed 
This site has been up & running for a few years and they do have photo-credits here & there online-so it was a real business. They just happened to stop doing business sometime after they were mentioned on Millionaire Matchmaker.

Jordan Osher's episode aired in late November, 2010. He seemed like a nice guy, and I liked that his small-talk included some chit-chat about some current novels. His "match" was nice too. He told Patti that they had a few dates, but it wasn't a, "Love Match".

In January, Page Six,  ran a story & some quotes from one of the bachelors, who had a lot of complaints about how show ruined his business. E! online (story link here) .
"he was dropped as a legal expert from TruTV due to his unflattering portrayal on Matchmaker, adding that his business slowed greatly since the show aired and that he was no longer getting calls for his services."
The E! story also reports that a flurry of cease & desist letters were sent-out, and that Patti claimed that it wasn't true.

So is Matchmaker bad for love And bad for business? Osher may not have made a love-match, but at least he has some credits to add to his IMDB acting resume. His appearance on Matchmaker is not currently listed in his credits, but according-to IMDB, he's been acting since he appeared-in Dawson's Creek! LiNk