Saturday, March 2, 2013

Faking it With the Kardashians

Since the episode with Kim Kardashian finding a stray chihuahua who she called "Princess"-turned out to be scripted, and the story is that the dog that Kim "found", and kept really belonged to an assistant.(not a "stray" as portrayed on "E".)
And the emergency life-saving surgery left the viewers wondering about the cliff-hanger since the dog was never seen again-(full discussion here)
..."The latest episode of Kim Kardashian saving a stray dog was a complete HOAX. I just called the Vet Clinic Kim brought the dog to and they told me the dog is an E News employees pet and the dog is not sick... its ok and well.."-quote from link above
And Reality Tea spotted and documented a great report on another scripted episode :PROOF that Show is Fake...and Staged"-article here

I became a little worried when I heard the sad news that "Mercy", the cat had died.Story link Here/Mercy the cat is dead .

I was wondering how that was going to play-out, or IF it would on Keeping-up With the Kardashians. So I wasn't surprised to see the recent, "Kim is allergic to Dander"-episode, complete with a doctor's office visit and a REALISTIC-LOOKING allergy test.

Hmmmm. I said to myself. Maybe Kim really DID have an allergic-reaction? I don't know if she did or didn't but I did a little research to try and determine IF what we saw in that episode could be faked.

The Daily Mail has an article about the episode with THIS photo of the "allergic reaction"-skin-test on Kim's back (link)

It sure LOOKS like she developed a red-bump doesn't it? But then I did a little MORE research about the allergy skin-test. What I learned, is that YES, a red bump is a good indication of a positive reaction to a substance. BUT, part of the test involves a "control" prick, which is SUPPOSED to REACT! As a matter of fact, IF the "control substance" does NOT react-(in other words if there are NO red-bumps/reactions), then the test is invalid. I enlarged the Daily Mail photo of Kim's back, and it looks to me like what the viewers were told was a reaction to "cat dander"-was the control reaction, since she really does not have any other spots big enough to be "the" "control reaction. (and I'm not even a doctor! Just nosy I guess).

So. IF someone wanted to FAKE a show about someone being allergic to cats, what they COULD do is point to the CONTROL reaction, (which is usually marked with an "X" and set to the side), and say that THAT is a "dander-reaction". Here is an enlarged (modified for you © watchers!) photo of what viewers saw next to a patient who has several reactions and a control reaction marked "X". See below:

I know that I usually don't blog about Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I DO keep up with them every once in awhile. This week I saw a screaming YELLOW! tabloid headline about KIM having a 22 million Dollar Baby! or some such nonsense-it was a great cover and really caught my eye! The story attached to that has crazy rumors about secret IVF treatments etc...And of course we ALL know that Kim's estranged husband allegedly wants to tell the world that the show (and the marriage), is F-A-K-E, but I'm not posting this as a "hate"-blog.

I can't help but appreciate the Kardashians for the eye-candy that they bring to the E Network, and I ♥ Rob Kardashian's Aurthur George socks-(available exclusively at Neiman Marcus). But documentation of how scripted the show really appears to be has to be done. Why? Because defining reality is not the job of actors, or families, or television networks. If it was, Keeping up With the Kardashians, would be an entirely different show ;)