Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes Hunny, it IS "The Teresa Show"! (Part One)

June 13, 2012- So I watched part 2 of, "My Big Gay New Jersey/Mid-West Wedding", and the most interesting thing for me about this episode has been Teresa's Bravo blog.
Yes, the Civil Union, or Domestic-Partnership ceremony was touching and sincere. And the wedding-vow scene was about the only part of the episode that seemed REAL to me. Maybe because I've been to a wedding in Illinois in June, and I have to wonder if no air-conditioning is part of the Mid-West tradition when it comes to weddings?
The perspiration on the groom(s?) was/were noticeable. Is surviving the wedding and reception and having a good time in sweltering heat part of a successful marriage-omen for Mid-Westerners?
I also noticed Joe Giudice's product placement scene in this episode.(When the camera zoomed-in so that we viewers could see the brand-name of some kind-of sex-juice that we could buy the next time we're in the grocery store) I wonder if Joe get's a cut of the ad-revenue there?
More Carolyn Manzo giving dirty-looks, and complaining in her talking-heads about Teresa......OK Caroline, we get it! Even Teresa finally get's it! (um-she did know that Teresa would SEE all of this on television-right?)
So what does Teresa do? Well, she is starting to respond/fight-back if you could call it that. Starting with her appearance on The View last week where she insisted on a solo interview-
And here is where I'll comment on Melissa's Bravo blog. Where Melissa goes on and on about how The Real Housewives of New Jersey is "NOT" "The Teresa Show". Sorry Melissa, The Real Housewives of New Jersey IS all about Teresa.
There really isn't much about any of the other cast-members that is compelling or interesting in my opinion, and when I took some time-out from my day last week to tune-in to The View, I caught one glimpse of Melissa and Kathy slinked-down on the couch and I turned-OFF the television and went back to my day.
Separating herself from the pack in such a clear way, only proved to me further that Teresa is the only thing that The Real Housewives of New Jersey has going.
The only time that the other cast-members are relevant at this point, is when they are talking about Teresa, and even that is starting to get old.
The thing about Teresa's Bravo blog that caught my attention, was of-course her going in-depth to explain how FAKE and PHONY her cast-mates were being about the magazine pictures and stories. I had posted a blog last week, explaining how that works, (how magazines will pay for photos but not interviews), but to see Teresa expose some inside industry info. to her viewers, and then to give the viewers a heads-up that there is more "bad-acting" from her cast-members in up-coming episodes, well, I'm starting to get the opinion that Teresa has literally lost-the-plot. Or maybe she was not given a script, or she was given a different script than the one that everybody else has?
This is where the enigma that is a secret, that is a mystery, that is the entertainment that we call reality television gets confusing. Scripted? Reality? Fake. Real??? And don't forget the EDITING!
(uh-oh, I better stop here before I get started on FRANKEN-BYTES! but that's a whole other blog post)
 I am a reluctant convert myself to "The Teresa Show". I was forced to re-examine my conclusions about her when she started gaining momentum. There was MORE to this Jersey Girl than we 1st thought-isn't there? She could have played in the mud with her co-stars, but she didn't. I had to agree with Melissa, who gave her Sister-in-law credit for having the guts to be seen in public after the embarrassment of The Giudice's financial problems and her husband's legal problems became known.
Even-if some of the Tweets, and blog-comments, and book-sales, are shills, or fake to make it appear like a public person has fans, there was no denying that Teresa Giudice had some REAL FANS. I made it my business to find-out WHY would anyone admire Teresa when she apparently lacked common sense in my opinion.
I don't know if I would ever call myself a "fan" of Teresa Giudice, but I started gaining respect for her when she pulled a classic, "ANNIE"-move, and stuck-out her chin, and kept-on going despite her haters and her problems. This blog-post is getting a little long, so I think that I'll break it up.
I have studied Teresa, and her success in depth, and I think that it has a lot to do with why The Real Housewives of New Jersey has become, "The Teresa Show". But I think I'll have to save that for another blog.