Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last two posts invisable now due to False info posted by myself

Attention: I am making the past two posts on this blog invisible. That read-between-the-lines one was really hard to do, but there were serious UNTRUE accusations, posted by myself there so it needs to be redone.
J. Laurita, got-wind of my rude demands made on her publisher, and although she did not have to do it, she posted her current, valid, (as far as I know and I believe it) Cosmetologist License online.(link here)
I will say this in my defense- I was NOT one hundred per cent certain about what I was posting, but I had left a message in the voice-mail of the Nevada Board, and they returned my call the next day when I was away from my desk. In case it is not obvious, I do not know how to spell Jaq's 1st name. But that did not matter because the woman that I spoke with from the state Board told me that no one in the State of Nevada by the last name of "Laurita" was licensed. She also said that if I gave her the license number, that she could look it up that way but the online NJ database is pretty simple and it all goes-by names so I believed her.
I did ask how I could obtain documentation or further proof of that fact, and the woman told me that (incorrectly, which I just found-out earlier), "only employers" were allowed to have that information.
What I found-out earlier while continuing to research this matter, is that Nevada state law states that they MUST furnish that info. to THE PUBLIC if it is asked-for.

But back to my apology. Not only did I post, and rant-about mis-information myself. I mis-judged Jacqueline Laurita. Maintaining a professional license, while also raising a family, and being a Home-Maker, not to mention her career as a television personality...............well. I didn't think that she had it in her to keep-up with the hard and strict requirements of maintaining professional credentials, so I was more than ready to believe the WORST. And I am very sorry about that too.

I am also terribly SORRY for speading un-truth and mis-information to all of you here and on Twitter, and on Self magazine .com. And wasting your time with this.-HousewifeHater