Friday, April 13, 2012

I was Wrong About Lisa Lampanelli?

When I saw some of Lisa Lampanelli's comments in print the other day, I think that I mis-judged her.
Reality Blurred had a post entitled Lisa Lampanelli uses racial slurs against Dayana Mendoza
I don't want to post Lampanelli's comments here again, because they are ugly and I have come to the conclusion that any mention of Lampanelli's words, outside-of her insult comedy act, would be "out of context"-anyways.
When I first read Andy Dehnart's post the other day, I went on a little Twitter-rampage, then I did a little research on Lampanelli, then I wrote a reply to the item linked above.
I did not notice 'til after I hit "post comment" that there is a policy on Reality Blurred about using real names. Luckily I had saved my post before sending. So here it is:

I was horrified when I first read this article. I haven't missed one episode of this round of Celeb Apprentice, but that is ALL that I knew of Lampanelli. That, and she's supposed to be a comedian. If she has been telling jokes on The Apprentice, they must have been edited-out, because she hasn't made me laugh once there so far. The way she has treated Lou Ferrigno was just nasty.
I went digging for more info. Too bad I looked at her Twitter timeline first because I didn't find the funny there either, just what looked to me like an elitist attitude, and more (unfunny and ignorant for someone who apparently considers herself to be so much more intelligent then just about everybody else),- use-of the "R"-word. Can someone please send her that memo?

That, and the fact that she refuses to apologize for anything that she says.
I continued to dig because I really wanted to see at least one example of where she is actually funny or doing her act, and then I hit paydirt.
On Amazon there is a book about The Friar's Club, where she talks in detail (Friars Club Private Joke File page 232), and she admits that when she uses stereotypes, she is making-fun of the stereotype itself, or making-fun of people who believe such things. I don't want to speak for her but, this is a quote, "...If you've got a good heart and you don't mean any of the ridiculous things that you say...""--good heart, how would I know that? But she admits more than once that she doesn't believe the stuff she says, and I don't want to apologize for her but, in PRINT here what she has said does not come-across sarcastically, or even intentionally humorous. Maybe if I saw it or heard her saying it, it could be taken as "joking". It really isn't a good joke. Certainly not worth using an offensive slur.
-but I will say that I personally think that I misunderstood her intentions. If she doesn't mean what she says and it falls-under the umbrella of her, "insult comedy"- I think that she should at least recognize that a lot of people don't know who she is, so it would help her to introduce herself better if she let people in on her little "joke".

Here's a link to the Friar's Club book mentioned above:Friars Club Private Joke File: More Than 2,000 Very Naughty Jokes from the Grand Masters of Comedy