Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DC Housewife Husband asks public to help him Stalk DC Housewife!
Before The Real Housewives of DC aired, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't bother learning-how to spell their names. Calling them the "Party Crashers" seemed like a good-enough way to describe them if I absolutely had to refer to them but then they issued a warning that people who called them that would risk litigation. Typing-out, "The people who don't want to be called the DC Party-Crashers", is just too much trouble.
This latest stunt, on the part of the husband, has given me new respect for the wife.
When I first saw the item on TMZ, I thought what everyone, (including the police), thought. That these people will do anything to appear relevent and get their names in the media.
Upon researching the story further, I learned that the wife has gone so far as contacting the police to let them know that she is fine, because she knew that the husband would refuse to believe that she had left him.
Here's where it gets twisted. She left him. And instead-of dealing with it, what does he do?
He just refuses to believe it.
For all that we know, she may have left a note, or even told him that she was leaving, because at this point he is being told by the police, "She left you dude."-and he is insisting that it couldn't possibly be true.
He prefers to believe that she has been "abducted", and "kidnapped", and is being forced to tell people that she is OK.
If anyone is holding anyone hostage here, I would say that this Husband is trying to maintain control of the Wife by force, (another way to say, "hold hostage"),even- if only in his own imagination.
If this is what I think it is, (that she has left him and that he didn't make it easy for her to do so), then it is the first thing that this woman has ever done since I first heard of her, that I admire.
If they start going back-and-forth on Radar, TMZ...then I take that back!
You know I always thought that this couple was a real-life example of the curious Folie à deux (madness of two). And maybe it was? Or maybe this was something more common,like a manipulating partner who won't take no for an answer- yet on a grandiose scale? Could all of the fame-whoring been the "folly" of the Husband? And the could the wife have been coerced/forced in some way to go-along with it?
Or maybe this is just a case of the money's gone and so am I! Which might not sound very nice, but the last time that I checked this is a free country, (thank God and our Troops!), and people are free to leave their partners for any reason at all.
The Husband has taken the liberty to step-outside-the-boundary and try to create his own, "Amber Alert", asking the public to notify him of any sightings of the Wife. He even went so-far as to post the phone number of where she is staying online to enlist the help of the public in harassing the Wife.
This is taking stalking to a whole new level, and it is my opinion that this Husband needs to be committed/locked-up, for both of their protection.