Sunday, August 14, 2011

About Ashley...
  A lot of us are thinking exactly what they want us to think. "Ungrateful" "Bratty"...
So Ashley didn't have any gifts? First of all, gifts are not mandatory. (period). Presents are always a nice thing to receive, and give, but when they become anything other than that-they're just not.
Secondly, here's a quote from Jaquelin's blog where she mentions that Ashley usually spends Christmas with her other dad's family:
"Ashley finally made it to a holiday with us. She was unable to go to Texas this year to see her dad and family there because of reasons I can't remember, so we got the pleasure of her gracing us with her presence this year. I was happy to have her join us. I love that her little brothers could be with their big sister too."(-,2)
So, for all we know there was something unexpected that kept Ashley from going where she usually goes for the holiday and she wasn't used to celebrating and gift-giving on Christmas with this side of her family. And maybe she just didn't have a chance to scramble-up some gifts.
"Ungrateful" is treating a healthy living young daughter like crap in my opinion! How many families have lost their children and would give anything just to have them be there at holiday time?
Third of all, and I really hate to say this, but if Ashley hadn't pulled Danielle's hair, IF Jacqueline and Danielle had stayed friends,  I'm pretty sure that out of everyone, Danielle would have set Jacqueline straight about Caroline's influence.
The fact that Chris, Ashley's step-dad, has invested financially in Albie and Christopher's business even burns me up more here because of the way that Caroline has manipulated Ashley's image. So Chris bought Ashley a car? He bought Caroline's sons, his nephews, a J-O-B!
And yes, that was Caroline with her raised-eyebrows and a few things to say when Chris bought Ashley her first car, (the second one doesn't even count in my mind. Buying someone a car-payment book isn't the same.) HOW DARE SHE!
Chris was right when he said that his first instinct was to tell "people" to "mind their own business".
At this point, Ashley really does need a little bit of help. Not the, "swift kick in the back of the pants"-help that Caroline has insinuated and Jacqueline and critics have lapped-up. No, she desperately needs some self-esteem help. She's not the smartest cookie in the jar, but at her age, who is? But her growth and esteem has been stunted further by the evil influence and manipulations of Caroline.
When I saw Teresa's blog last week where she blabbed that Caroline was the engineer of the "Hate-Train":
"I do think it's funny that she talks about not getting on the "hate train" because I remember when it came to Danielle, she not only got on the hate train, she built it, fueled it and was the Hate Train Engineer."(-Teresa's blog),6

So even Teresa can see how Caroline operates. And maybe Caroline had good reasons for keeping sleazy, slutty Danielle away from her family. But it does prove how manipulative Caroline is doesn't it?
Why she has decided that putting Ashley down is somehow in her interest, I don't know that either. And Caroline doesn't even have to do it herself! Nope-just like with Danielle, a raised-eyebrow or snarky comment dropped, and people do what they think she wants them to do.
Caroline knows better than embarrassing or putting her own children down to other people. She knows better than doing that to anyone! That's why she has perfected the art of getting other people to do it for her.
This whole "intervention" with Ashley is all for Caroline and public opinion's benefit in my opinion.
So they all swoop-in and tell her what a loser she is and of course she, "says the wrong thing". I put that in quotes because she was set-up to, "say the wrong thing".
Didn't we all just watch last year as Jacqueline warned Ashley NOT to get pregnant? Ashley won't truly be grown-up until she realizes that that's her own business. But when Jaquelin became so insulted, Ashley was only telling her that she had specifically taken her advice to prevent pregnancy.
It seems that Ashley is always on-the-verge of tears and you can hear it in her voice. I call it a "constipated"-voice. Kind-of whiny, and then it just escalates to crying. Is this the result of being on a reality show where you only earn a paycheck for the drama that you can create? A "regular" actress, would be trained, and would have a script to work-with to bring-on the tears. But Ashley's working with what she has.
So it looks like Ashley has decided to take her Bravo-paycheck and move to Beverly. I say, Good for her!
Yes, its too far away from her family, but they have not treated her right. Jaquilene wants to talk about "respect", well maybe she should look at how Caroline, and Kathy, and even the mothers of younger children like Teresa on her show treat their children.  They treat their children respectfully and Jaquieline does not treat Ashley like that.
She treats her like a bratty little teenager and she uses money to try and control her. Well I hope that once Ashley is settled in California that Jaquilene and Chris continue to financially support Ashley when she needs it, (after-all they financially support their nephews, Caroline's kids for God's sake!), and I hope that she doesn't fall into the trap of partying too much when she's on her own.
If all her mom could get into Ashley's head as-far as advice was, "don't get pregnant", then she will have to learn a few things the hard-way, or learn-by-doing. Maybe she'll get lucky like Bethenny and get a job being an aupair? She has experience with young children and I bet her mom is going to miss having a live-in baby-sitter. And I sure don't blame her for telling her mom, "no" when her mom asks her to babysit. She does have that right, just like young people, (and adults), have the right to decide if they want to give gifts or not. She may have to learn how to tell people not to give her any gifts if they expect something in return, but she shouldn't be publicly humiliated for her mistakes like she has been.
She doesn't have money for the beauty-school that she wants to go to and if her parents won't pay she can apply for financial-aid and grants and scholarships and loans just like everybody else does. Too bad that she already missed the deadline for this year for that, but I'm going to make a point to remind her next year.
I hope that while Ashley is gone that her mom figures-out what she's been doing wrong so that they can have a good mother-daughter relationship. Yes Ashley is half-baked and immature but if she can keep herself safe and grow-up a little, she really is not a bad kid from what we've seen on TV.
She really does need to drop the "bratty kid" image and demand respect by her own behavior and accomplishments, so I hope that the world treats her nice in LA if she goes there, and if not, I hope that her famliy treats her better either way. She might be too mopey to turn the world on with her smile, but she does wear a beret......she might just make it after all!